Our Process


We’ve always said that there is no magic to the collection process.  Hard work, dedication, making phone calls, sending letters, talking to people.  But we’ve found there is magic in our approach.  We intertwine our conversations with dignity and respect, while still asking some tough questions about a person’s ability to pay.  When consumers feel they are being heard, solutions can be found.  Although we are not financial counselors, we work diligently to strike a balance between compassion and holding people responsible for services received.

Creativity and flexibility are the two words that best describe our methodology.  If it works, tweak it to make it work better.  If it doesn’t work, discontinue it.  We monitor new trends and new technologies to ensure we don’t get complacent in our way of doing business.  We work with our clients to create a program that exceeds all expectations.


Let’s talk! With just a little information, we can quote you a rate and get an agreement in your hands. Once you’ve spoken to us, you’ll know we are the agency for you.

With all of the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed, we are ready to rock and roll. We work with you to set up the best way to get your  accounts into our system.

Accounts entered, letters are sent and phone calls begin. Presto! We get payment.

There is more money added to your bottom line!


We have learned about a multitude of industries in our many years of experience.  We love to unlock the power of learning and make it our goal to seek out different types of portfolios.   We get involved in various associations to better understand what makes our clients tick.  The more we know, the better we can assist their consumers.  Here is just a smattering of the industries we currently service:


  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Labs
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Billing Companies


  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Waste Management


  • Judicial Council (Court Ordered Debt)
  • City
  • County


  • Anything you can imagine!


Talk about magic!  Technology is one of those areas where you need to be a fortune teller to predict what next latest and greatest tool will appear!  We are committed to staying technologically advanced while maintaining an incredible amount of flexibility.  We have an IT Team made up of three individuals – a troubleshooter, a data analyst, and our collection software guru.  Additionally, we have developed a number of valuable relationships with industry consultants and programmers.  These partners help with any issue thrown our way.

We often say we are on the cutting edge of technology, but not close enough to bleed too much! 


You gotta love when you can see your accounts at any time you’d like!  Our client web portal utilizes integration technology with our collection software that allows our clients to view real-time access to account information. 

An easy-to-use tool, Client View allows clients to make secure account inquiries, view account detail, automatically place new accounts, send secure messages and attachments and review an almost unlimited number of reports.

Our clients tell us that the portal is user-friendly, well organized and very easy to navigate.  All access to the portal is done via HTTPS secured with SSL.  Clients only have access to those accounts they have assigned to us.

Client Training

Imagine sitting at your desk working and still getting an education.  No, not by osmosis!  FCN understands that anytime you or your team members spend away from your offices is time lost in production.   Our solution is FCN University.  This web-based training allows participants to stay at their desks, allowing them the opportunity to increase their knowledge of topics pertinent to collection processes, as well as decrease time spent away from their responsibilities.  Training topics include Introduction to Client View Web Portal, Legally Collecting Within the Law, Dispute Handling, the Legal Process and so much more!

FCN feels very strongly about client education and has also developed a curriculum of onsite seminars available, free of charge, to our family of clients.  Click here for our current schedule!


Ben Franklin once said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”  We may not be the lowest rate and we are okay with that.  We know that our higher rate allows us to invest in your portfolio.  We formulate our pricing structure so we can fully service your accounts.  We encourage potential clients to compare rates and services when deciding on an agency.

Much like many in our industry, we offer a contingency-based fee structure which means, if we don’t collect, you don’t pay.  You will never experience any add-on or hidden fees.