Who we are


Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but we found the magic behind collecting money. KINDNESS. Yep, that’s it. Plain and simple. You’d be surprised how often a kind word paves the way for payment.  We’ve been in the debt collection business since 1954 and with that much experience, you can trust us!  Our tagline isn’t just words – it’s how we do business every day.



Frank Cavale established Cavale Collection Service, Inc. out of his home at 1600 West Mineral King in Visalia. Frank had a vision to service the entire state of California. For the first 10 years the agency employed seven employees. Every new account was tracked on a 3 x 5 index card initially by typewriter and then manually updated each time any activity occurred on the account. The office phone number was Redwood 22-2286.


Cavale Collection Service was growing and had to find a new location to accommodate 16 employees. The new location was 1969 S Mooney Boulevard in Visalia.


Cavale Collection Service is growing and on the move again! The new location is 2015 West Tulare Avenue with plenty of room for expansion. Cavale Collection now employs 23.


Cavale Collection Service enters the computer age. Our first computers were dumb terminals and data was transmitted back and forth to a service bureau. We were still working off of those 3 x 5 index cards but now they are produced by a printer rather than someone having to hand type each one. The updating is still done manually.


Anne VanZandt and her friends and family hold the first Kids for Christmas event inviting 50 underserved kids to a huge Christmas party complete with a visit from Santa Claus. Franks role is to provide the pizza for the kids.


Cavale Collection Service purchases its first collection server! A huge selling point of the Columbia Ultimate Business Systems collection package is the paperless environment….no more index cards! Alicia Osborn is hired this year as a salesperson but eventually moves inside to manage the new computer system. Our first computer measured four feet tall, six feet long and about three feet wide. It took an entire corner of a room.


Alicia is promoted to Vice President this year. Frank decides to rename his company as his next step in realizing his goal of servicing the entire State of California. Cavale Collection Service becomes Financial Credit Network, Inc. and now employs 29 employees.


Frank purchases the Dudley House at 1300 West Main Street in Visalia with the vision of providing an unprecedented workplace for his employees. Frank hires John Peters of Peters Construction to begin the remodel. After 10,000 man hours the building is restored to its original splendor and Financial Credit Network makes its final move.


Frank starts a non profit group called Networking for Kids. Networking for Kids is a mentor program pairing an underserved child with an adult culminating with a trip to the YMCA Camp Tulequoia once a year.


Frank decides to retire and sells Financial Credit Network to Paul Flannery. Paul has a strong background in technology and sales and here we grow again!


While commuting in his airplane, Frank meets an untimely demise. We will always hold a huge space in our hearts for Mr. C.


Financial Credit Network, with the help of their employees and vendors, begins supplying shoes and socks for the Kids for Christmas annual event.


Kids for Christmas continues to grow and is now servicing 6 different schools in the Visalia area who choose their most underserved families to participate. 200 children are served each year! Visalia has a snow day!


To prepare for Y2K, Paul asks our IT staff to spend the night on site and has his management team have dinner with him just in case something goes wrong.


Financial Credit Network expands to the Santa Barbara area and opens a satellite office on Canon Perdido employing a sales person and an assistant.


Paul sold the business to our current owner, Alicia Sundstrom. Under her leadership, the organization has flourished.


We celebrated our 50th anniversary with a huge party on the Main Street grounds, culminating with a benefit concert for Camp Tulequoia with the wonderful Tony Bennett at the Fox! Frank would have loved it...


FCN was awarded "Best Place to Work in Collections!"

Our Santa Barbara office relocates to State Street. The new office also has a small apartment which makes it more convenient when Visalia staff travel to the area.


Ann’s Kids for Christmas was inducted into the Education Hall of Fame for its outstanding service to schools, children and youth by the Visalia PTA Council and the Visalia Unified School District. convenient when Visalia staff travel to the area.


FCN created "Project Hope" in an attempt to get our team hooked on the Community Service bug! Want to know more? Check out our "Giving Back" section to learn all of the details.

This same year, we created a program for our staff called "With A Little Help From My Friends". It is an opportunity for our team to help each other with unexpected expenses. This voluntary program allows team members to contribute as little as 50 cents per pay period into a fund that is then used to assist fellow employees in need throughout the year. Since it's inception, we helped with medical bills, funeral expenses, utility bills, emergency travel, car repairs, housing deposits and many other expenses. Our team has given over $6,000 into this fund.


Anne VanZandt's family decides that they can no longer continue the Kids for Christmas tradition and Financial Credit Network decides to take over the event.

FCN was once again awarded with the "Best Place to Work in Collections!"


Financial Credit Network celebrates it’s 60th year and created a list of 60 different things that we shared with the staff throughout the year like tshirts, lunch totes, 60 minutes more of PTO, 60 slices of pizza, 60 games during the summer, 60 question trivia game and much more!


FCN establishes it’s Fun Committee who have been tasked with coming up with one fun thing a month to do. Since then we have been visited by taco trucks, Baskin-Robbins, Bite Me Donuts; played Wheel of Fortune, BINGO, March Madness; we've seen baby pictures and high school graduation pictures; we received lip balm ("You are the Balm!"), chips ("You're All That & A Bag of Chips!"), highlighters ("You Are the Highlight of FCN!") as well as continued our tradition of decorating for Halloween and much more!


Prize Poppin' Penelope (the FCN chicken vending machine) is added to the Financial Credit Network team and the Appreciation Station Committee is formed. This program changes its theme quarterly and gives prizes to employees who encourage and thank other employees.

We merged with Accelerated Receivables Group (ARG) and added some amazing staff members and new clients. Our family grew once again!


Brought Coastal Recovery Solutions on board!


Endured a global pandemic!


Mastered Regulation F!


We moved from our “home” of 30 years to a new space at 2922 West Main Street.  We were sad to leave the beautiful building, but as one of our employees said – FCN’s heart is not a place – it’s the people!


Brought Acclaim Credit Technologies on board!

Still going strong and loving every minute!


That’s an easy answer … exceptional customer service.

At our very core is the belief that people matter.  In everything we do, we ask ourselves “are we valuing people?”  It’s our directive.  Do we succeed 100% of the time?  No – we employ human beings, who are just that – human.  Though we may stumble at times, we use those opportunities to grow and improve.

Here are a few other factors that differentiate us from the crowd:

  • Our Multi-Language Program – one of our primary focuses has been developing our bi-lingual collection services through this program.
  • Client View – the ease and convenience of having access to your accounts at your fingertips through a web-based client portal.
  • Staff – we hold each other accountable to be the best team in the industry!


In order to be the best, you have to hire the best and to hire the best you have to be the best – it’s a cycle that keeps us on our toes.  We have a team of over 40 people.  Each of them have a story to tell.  Each of them make FCN a better place.  Since we are unable to introduce you to everyone, we’d like to share a little bit about the team members who interface with our client family.

Alicia Sundstrom

Chief Inspirational Officer (AKA – President)

There are so many things I am passionate about and that I love….creating an amazing work place and developing a first class team are near the top along with my family, reading , traveling, live music, the ocean, and if you really want to make me giggle…..finding the perfect pair of shoes…or the perfect accessory…that pop of color that really makes the outfit….my name is Alicia and I’m addicted to fashion!

Kris Davisson

Director of Encouragement (AKA Vice President)

I’ve always had a sense that life should be fair. Obviously that’s not possible, but oh how I strive to make it so.  I guess that’s how I got the nickname “Jiminy Cricket” or “The Conscience of the Company”.  My favorite thing is making people feel like they make a difference, they have a voice and they are incredibly valuable.  I love spending time with my family, serving the community and tinkering in my woodshop!  My super power?  My smile and pixie charm.

Susan Morado

Compliance and Training Officer/Collection Manager

At this stage in my life, I’m so grateful to be in excellent health, proud of my children’s accomplishments, my grandchildren (their smiles and joy they add to my life!) and the opportunity given to me to have worked 33 years for an amazing company allowing me to travel and experience new and exciting wonders!

Andrea Crawford

Master of the Balance Beam (AKA Support Team Supervisor)

As much as I enjoy staying local with my hubby and son, I love to explore! Born and raised in Visalia my roots will stay planted but, my limbs have stretched to 8 countries and 24 states! In my “spare” time I have a passion for volunteering and watching my son golf!

Josie Navarrete

Legal Supervisor

I’ve been with the company 27 years. I love spending time with family and friends, like the outdoors and love to travel. I’m passionate about being the voice for a child through my participation in CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).

Lare Carson

Wearer of Boundless Hats (AKA Technical Support Manager)

I love to read! It takes you to another place and you can, for a short time, forget your own worries.

Brenda Pimentel

Collection Supervisor

One of the most important things in my life are my three loves – my husband and my two boys!  They mean the world to me and because of them it is very important for me to dedicate time to my family. We enjoy a great ball game at the Angels Stadium and create new memories each time we travel there. I enjoy scrapbooking and I love, love shoes!  And let’s not forget a beautiful piece of jewelry to make you feel beautiful!! It’s the little things that make me happy and smile every day.

Lisa Johnson

Collection Supervisor

I have been with the company 36 years and counting!  During this time I’ve gotten married and raised five children.  Like they say “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” I love spending time with my family and friends and working in my yard.

Rosalina Padilla

Collection Supervisor

I thank my parents for instilling good work ethics, I do my job with pride. I believe you meet certain people from different walks of life for a reason. I have a big heart and love helping others without having a light shining on me. I love sharing my knowledge. I may be direct but I also have a great sense of humor. I’m very competitive and I love new challenges. I’m Rosalina.

Robin Osborn

Exceeder of Expectations (AKA Client Servicing Representative)

One of my favorite things to do is attend rock concerts. Actually I like all types of live music and have seen too many bands to list and am still counting! I also enjoy Sprint Car racing, spending time with my family and grandpuppy, Petey.  So if you enjoy rock concerts too and happen to see me at one of the many venues I have frequented, please give me a big WAHOO! and I might buy you a beer!!


Exceeder of Expectations (AKA Client Servicing Representative)

I love being a mother of three wonderful boys!  I’m a total baseball mom when it comes to being out on the field. My mother is truly my best friend. I like to stay positive in everything I do – it makes my day go by faster!


Our passion to make a difference extends to our community.  We believe it is imperative that we give back, both with our time and resources.  We encourage our team members to get involved in the communities they call home.  We have soccer coaches and boy scout leaders.  We have staff members who are active in rotary and another that is a board member of a national charity.  Some of our team goes to foreign countries to help the underserviced.  Additionally, we provide opportunities to get involved in our own corporate projects.

Organizations and events we support:  

Boys & Girls Club’s Bowl for Kids, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Visalia Emergency Aid’s Race Against Hunger.

We have two projects that we are especially passionate about:

Project Hope:  In May of each year, we provide opportunities for our staff to be exposed to service through Project Hope.  These projects are scheduled during normal work hours and we pay the staff their regular rate of pay to participate.  Once someone catches the “service bug”, they continue to volunteer on their own!

Ann’s Kids for Christmas:  We have been participating in this event for over 30 years.  This program provides a Christmas Party for 300 underprivileged Tulare County children.  We spent the entire year making preparations in anticipation of that December day when they all assemble to eat some pizza, laugh and see Santa.  It is our favorite day of the year.


How many small companies do you know of that have enough long-timers to have a club?! We do! We currently have seventeen employees who have been with us for more than 20 years, and we are adding new people each year. That’s amazing! 

Membership has its privileges – these employees get special perks throughout the year including additional vacation times, special lunches, and even more bonus potential.